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25 years of kirbies
Kirby drawing kirby drawing kirby drawing Kirby...
Enough games to make your head go round!
Where does it stop?
Happy 25th birthday, adorable little puffball!

Would've liked to make something better but I haven't had much time today to draw properly.
Character Lineup
16 (17 including Kane who cannot exist by himself right now) characters, drawn proportionnally to each other.
A bit tedious to get the sizes right but quite interesting to see the end result!
Featuring, from left to right, Gwaddle (Waddle Dee, female), Kagamii (Mii, female), Prof.Squirtle (Squirtle, male), Esaenasiephani (bootleg hybrid, female), Ori (Lunma eel, female, here in Juvenile form), Mimi (Dream Nexus human, female), Dark Noddy (Dark Matter experiment, male - the only character here predating 2011! -), Fork Knight (Knight Land inhabitant, male), Flapsy (unknown species, female), Pomzal (Halcandran, male), Loshraa (Balormaa, female), Polly (Polof, female), Jia (human, male), Lucy (Lucira, female), Shisuzu (human, female), Kane (Bellringer, male), and Terzia "The greatest of the great" (self-given title) (Kirby, male).
Time Wizard Kirby
Team Kirby Clash Deluxe was released yesterday.
And I absolutely love this hat for the Beam mage class.
Call from the shadows
Depicts some light gore, put up a filter in case of sensitive audiences stumbling upon this.
The character depicted here is Aya - once a human dancer with a promising career, brutally murdered by a lover that didn't take rejection too well. It is suspect that the man's violence was influenced by a Drummer demon, as the sound of the creature's drum is known to intensify emotions, especially anger.
The man himself died shortly after in an "accident" - he probably became the prey of a Bellringer demon.
Because of her brutal death, her spirit was unable to move on, and lingers as a wraith in this world to this day. She is unable to see, and generally appears near sources of sound and music, standing still. She is not agressive and will not cause any harm to anyone.

This character first appeared around 2015, while I was messing aroud with aquarelle paint. Since then, I must have drawn her about... uh... 3 times? Yeah, not much. Felt like drawing her again tonight and there she is-
So! I've finally managed to get CT3 kind of running while recording (it runs perfectly fine while not recording, I have no idea why the emulator is so recalcitrant towards OBS). It's a bit laggy at times but otherwise A-OK, stopped crashing every cutscene. The recording also suffers in some parts but is mostly fine.
During the half-hour spent setting things up and running tests and remembering controls, I also (unfortunately) remembered exactly why I loathed this... thing so much. THE CONTROLS. THE ANNOYING, RELENTLESS STALKERS. AND THAT GODDAMN CAMERA.

Seriously, who is the absolute genius at Sunsoft who programmed the camera at this part. It's short, it's easy, but it still manages to give me motion sickness.

But otherwise, the beast is up and working. Twitch channel is connected, the game streams rather fine, except for the usual 20-second interval I get with Twitch - don't really know if that's fixable so I'm rolling with that for now.
 Stream should happen sometime around next week, probably starting shortly after noon or about 6 or 8 PM (Paris time, UTC/GMT+2). I'll keep updates going. And if I'm not able to stream next week - well I will no doubt do it during summer.

Anyway, let's end this entry on a more "positive" note:

Some time ago, I learned of the existence of another Clock Tower: Ghost Head manga (NOT the short comic included with a guidebook), that apparently gave some explanations about what happened before the game's events and about the whole Saidô family curse thing (which, I have to admit, is not very clear): "才堂家の呪い", translating as simply "The curse of the Saidô family".
According to the website, no scans of it exist, and the only picture the poster could find that confirmed the manga's existence is this:
clock tower gh saidoke manga --- TO FIND ABSOLUTEL by WaddleBih
(the picture in question. The text in speech bubbles is too low-quality for me to be able to read, but the author's name is clearly visible: Yun Kouga)
(If you're interested in seeing more of the same author's opinion on the franchise in general, I would advise you to visit the site, it's a nice read - it's in russian though.)
So after confirming that this was indeed official and not some doujinshi that got really famous for some reason, my interest was immediately sparked.
I looked and looked, ending up on the japanese part of the web and going all around the place there, and could indeed confirm that no scans exist (unfortunately...) . It has not been published as a standalone (although I found a petition asking it to be rereleased as such - good luck for that guys) and instead was published as a two-parter in a magazine called "GFantasy" (owned by Square Enix), in the September and October 1998 issues. Each part being about 30 pages long, we have 60 pages of potential extra information on the headscratchingly messy story given to us by the base material.
So of course, I started looking for those specific magazine issues, ready to sacrifice my savings if necessary.
And couldn't find anything. No scans, no info besides which series were published there, nobody selling it or showing it off, not even a glimpse of the cover.
As of now, I'm at a dead-end. Which is a shame - I really want to know more about this.
It's a very, very long shot, but if any of you happen to know anything about this, or know someone who might either own or know something about this manga - please, tell me.

Well, with this, I'm done for this entry - have a nice day!


WaddleBih's Profile Picture
Hey there!
I'm big video game lover, and a Kirby fanatic, I also quite enjoy Pokémon, Digimon, Clock Tower and bootleggy stuff.
If you want to chat with me about something, feel free to do so! I don't bite.


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